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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Canon and Nikon Working On Medium Format Cameras

Recently, I reported that Canon has been working on Medium Format camera technology and may come to a decision whether to enter this photography space some time in the not too distant future. Read my latest post on this topic. Nikon is a smaller company than Canon but they are also looking into the world of Medium Format photography.

Egami, the Japanese Photography blog has uncovered a Nikon patent for a 100mm f/2.5 medium Format lens. Read the original article here in Japanese. Big photographic companies like Canon and Nikon conduct research and file patents all the time but the majority of patents never make it to the market.

Canon has reported disappointing financial results for the second quarter of their fiscal year and projected lower earnings for the rest of the year. The competition coming from premium smart phones, with their improved optics and software, have taken sales away from the traditional Point-n-Shoot and DSLR camera manufacturers like Canon and Nikon. All the camera makers are looking for additional sources of revenue. Canon is getting heavily into the world of video and film production with their EOS Cinema cameras and lenses. Getting into Medium Format photography can be another angle to increase future sales but I doubt Nikon will make a move until Canon has made a decision one way or another.

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