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Monday, September 9, 2013

Wildlife Photography - Out Of Africa

Samburu tribesmen jumping for joy

The classic lone Acacia tree on the African plains

I am Out Of Africa and back home in California. It was an exhausting and exhilarating trip but the whole photo shoot almost never happened because on the day I left for the airport, there was a BIG accident on the freeway and my car was stuck in a hopeless traffic jam. A tour bus crashed and overturned with dozens of injuries. Both sides of the freeway were closed for rescue helicopters and an emergency triage to operate. While sitting in this parking lot of cars and seeing my African safari trip slipping away from me, I decided to take drastic action to extricate myself from the freeways and used the city streets instead. I got to the boarding gate with less than 20 minutes to spare before the plane took off.

On the whole, the climate and weather was excellent, mostly sunny days but not too hot. Those who have gone on safaris and photo shoots in India and Africa will know the conditions of the 'roads' in the national parks and reserves are rather punishing for vehicles, photographers and their equipment. I went on many safari trips to get my fair share of abuse and I was generally not disappointed. The encounters and sightings of the Big Fives were quite good but not spectacular. Came across Lion, Leopard and Cheetah kills and many mothers with young. Please be patient with me because I have to recover from the trip first and my photo processing is very far behind. Still have photo from 3 to 4 photo shoots ago that I have not gone through completely. I will share more of my experiences and post the photos as they are available so please check back regularly on this Blog and my website -

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