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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wildlife Photography - Photo Safari in the high Arctic

* * *  I have returned from my photo shoot in the high Arctic  * * *

I am off to the high Arctic on a photo shoot in Svalbard, an archipelago deep inside the Arctic Circle, in the Land of the Midnight Sun. In the summer months, there is 24 hour daylight and the weather and seas are unpredictable. It can range from a blustery, snowy day with 40+ knots winds to sunny, T-shirt weather the next. 

The wildlife in Svalbard is diverse. There is a population of about 3,000 Polar bears on the islands, together with indigenous herds of Reindeer. Arctic foxes, Atlantic Walruses, many species of whales, dolphins, seals and pelagic birds can be found among the ice floes, cliffs and numerous islands and coves.

The erratic pattern of ice floes and weather conditions will be a challenge for the ship's captain and my equipment but the Arctic scenery, replete with glaciers and ice cliffs are so spectacular, I will be too engrossed to worry about the rough seas and temperatures, as long as I am properly dressed. 

There are no Internet access on the expedition ship so have to wait till my return to reconnect. In the meantime, visit my website and browse this Blog to see photos and read stories from my previous trips. Wish me luck on my sightings and encounters. My last photo shoot to India was just average. I need a break to get some spectacular images.   

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