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Monday, July 8, 2013

Wildlife Photography - Polar Bears In The Arctic, Day Two

Hello from The Land Of The Midnight Sun - Norway. I am extremely tired and trying to get some sleep before flying into the Arctic Circle tomorrow to start my search for wildlife.

Just a quick note on the latest Canon news. Now that the Canon has introduced the Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology on the EOS-70D camera, they are beginning to add this feature to other cameras as well, namely the moribund EOS-M line.

Although the latest Firmware update to the EOS-M has greatly improved the AF capability of the camera, it is still a slow selling line outside Asia. Camera dealers are drastically reducing the price of the current model in anticipation of new offerings coming later this year. There may be a 18MP basic model and a higher priced, 20MP body with an advanced viewfinder. Read the earlier post on this topic.

I will be without Internet access starting tomorrow once I am on the ship sailing around Svalbard. Will post more once I return to Norway.

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