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Friday, January 24, 2014

Canon Digital Learning Center Cinema EOS White Papers

The Canon Digital Learning Center has published a new batch of white papers on their EOS Cinema system. Click on the links below to download the documents in PDF format.

Design Strategies
The newer generation of Cinema EOS lenses came from multiple optical design resources within Canon, such as ourEF Lens and Broadcast Lens designs.

Image Sharpness
A design goal with the Cinema zoom lenses was to achieve an overall optical performance that would equate with the best of contemporary prime lenses over their respective focal lengths.

Color Reproduction
The new generation of Canon Cinema lenses paid high attention to optimizing color reproduction of the lens-camera system, such as how it reproduces skin tones of various ethnicities.

Achieving a high contrast ratio is universally sought by cinematographers and is always a central design goal for the optical designers.

The Promise of 4K
The advent of 4K cinema brings about changes to cameras, lenses, post-production and the home viewing experience. Explore each implication in-depth and see what this digital image format offers.

Canon-Log Transfer Characteristic 
Canon-Log is designed to reproduce the entire tonal reproduction range of which the new CMOS image sensor used in the EOS C300 (and future EOS C500 cameras) is capable. This paper will discuss an optoelectronic transfer characteristic developed by Canon that ensures effective management of wide dynamic range HD imagery.

New 35mm CMOS Sensor for Cine Motion Imaging 
Canon's EOS C300 has a totally new CMOS imaging sensor, dedicated to outstanding video image quality. This White Paper takes an extremely detailed look at the technologies that make this happen.

RGB Resolution Considerations in a New CMOS Sensor for Cine Motion Imaging
A highly technical White Paper, examining the RGB video characteristics of the EOS C300 camera, for both progressive and interlaced video formats.

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