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Wednesday, January 29, 2014 Is Thankful For Your Support

For over a quarter of a century, my passion for the environment and conservation has centered on my love of travel and wildlife photography. Many animal and plant species are going extinct at an alarming rate. My mission is to promote the understanding and appreciation of the world's biodiversity and the need for its conservation, through the lens of wildlife imagery. Powerful wildlife and nature images are effective and emotive tools in building public awareness and education in combating this worrisome decline.

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Bengal Tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park, India

As my readers know, I have been a wildlife photographer using Canon equipment for about 25 years now. Through the decades, I have used almost all of Canon's cropped and full frame, film and digital cameras, EF and EF-S lenses. I started my website, and Blog a few years ago to share my photos, travel experience and tips with fellow enthusiasts. There are no annoying banner ads, commissioned links to online retailers or even solicitation for donations, on my site. I am not affiliated with any equipment manufacturer or camera retailer and receive no compensation or commission from any company. What you will find are exciting images from my photo shoots, impartial photographic tips, independent reviews and opinions, plus the latest industry rumors and news.

Dueling Canines of Polar bears in Hudson Bay, Canada

Jaguar walking along the bank of Cuiaba River, Pantanal, Brazil

It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare for photo shoots around the world. In addition, I have to process thousands of photos from all my travels, plus maintain the website and blog to keep in touch with my readers. On top of that, I lead a hectic, urban lifestyle like most people. If you enjoy seeing stunning wildlife and travel images and value the information I provide on my website and blog, please tell your friends and spread the word on social media. There is no better way for me to re-double my efforts by knowing others are sharing my passion for photography and nature.

Orca mother and calf in Frederick Sound, Alaska

Double Humpback whales breaching in Frederick Sound, Alaska

You can follow me on Facebook , Twitter , Flickr and subscribe to this Blog. Also be sure to visit my website often because new photos are added all the time. I appreciate all your comments and support and look forward to many more years of photography and travel with you. Thanks. 


Unknown said...

Some of these sites even have the gall to ask for 'donations' in addition to bombarding the readers with numerous banner ads. I appreciate your unclutter, no nonsense approach to blogging and website design.

Michael Daniel Ho said...

Hi Jim. Yes, some websites already make money by readers clicking on their link ads and yet they still ask for 'donations'. I only ask my visitors for moral support by spreading the word and giving me more feedback.

Unknown said...

I like your blog. No ads, just news, rumors and fantastic photos. Keep up the good work.

Michael Daniel Ho said...

Thanks for your encouragement and support, Debbie.

Cassie Seifert said...

My husband and I enjoy reading your blog and all the interesting news, rumors and reviews, not to mention stunning wildlife photos. Keep doing it and we'll keep reading it. Thanks.

Michael Daniel Ho said...

As the year is drawing to a close soon, I like to reflect on another year of wildlife photo shoots and exciting camera equipment reviews. 3 new Canon products stood out for me in 2014 - EOS-7D Mk II, EF 100-400mm II and EF 400mm DO IS II. Be sure to read my reviews on these new gear and I look forward to sharing more of my photo shoots and new equipment reviews, rumors and news with you in 2015. Thanks for your support.