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Monday, January 27, 2014

Canon Patent For Curved Aperture Lens

Last week I have reported Canon may be looking at their Medium Format ambitions again after the announcement of the Hasselblad 50MP camera. Upon reflection, I would be very surprised if Canon decides to go beyond the usual research and development stage of their project, something they have done in past years.

Canon has designated 2014 as their 'come back' year after a less than stellar 2013. They will be launching new DSLR bodies and lenses this year, like the EOS-7D Mk II camera and a new 400mm lens to replace either the EF 100-400mm or EF 400mm lenses. One of the new DSLR may offer unprecedented video performance, perhaps even 2.5K video.

There is no secret Canon is annoyed by Magic Lantern's hacking into their firmware and producing higher quality videos than the factory models. They have also made it a high priority to increase the performance of the EOS Cinema line. The long awaited replacement to the EOS-1Ds Mk III, aka mega pixel camera, will probably get a development announcement this year as well.

The last thing Canon wants is another big project, like the Medium Format camera to divert attention from their product offerings this year. Egami, the Japanese photography blog has discovered a curved aperture lens patent from Canon that may offer more flexibility in future designs. 2014 will prove to be an interesting year for both Canon and the rest of the photography world.

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