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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Canon Firmware For Vixia Mini Camcorder

Canon Vixia Mini Camcorder

Canon released a firmware update for the Vixia Mini camcorder. You can download the firmware here

Firmware Version incorporates the following improvements :

  • Remote viewing function has been added when using the CameraAccess plus smartphone app, with the optional CT-V1 Camera Pan Table.
  • The CameraAccess plus app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Information on how to use the remote viewing function is available from the PIXELA Web site.
  • Shortens the time between turning the camcorder on and being able to start recording.
  • In order to prevent inadvertently switching to playback mode while recording, the following improvements have been made:
  • The playback button must be pressed for half a second or more in order to access the playback mode.
  • The playback button has now been disabled while the camcorder is in recording mode, in order to prevent inadvertently switching modes.
  • Quick access to the photo playback index screen, by holding down the playback button, has been added.
  • Photo playback has been added to SP-V1 mode.
  • In the Shooting Mode menu, the “Macro” option is now listed above “Auto” for improved ease of use.

Firmware Version is for camcorders with firmware Version If the camcorder’s firmware is already Version, it is not necessary to update the firmware. Once you have updated your camcorder’s firmware, it cannot be downgraded to a previous version.

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