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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Canon EOS-7D Mk II Camera Field Report

A wildlife photographer's dream combo - Canon EOS-7D Mk II with EF 400mm f/4 DO IS II lens

The first video, from Scott Kelby, is long. He talked about how he liked to shoot with the pre production model of the Canon EOS-7D Mk II camera. For a shorter and to-the-point, hands-on introduction of the new camera, watch the second video from B&H instead.

My readers know I have picked the current EOS-7D as the best APS-C cameras four years in a row. My order is in and when the new camera arrives, I will take it out on a real world wildlife photo shoot and write a review on it. Hoping to get the camera and lens before I leave for my Polar bear trip in early November. You can see my works on

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Michael Daniel Ho said...

The B&H video is shorter and gets right to the point. Click on my other post with the sample images from Canon. I am quite impressed with the results and read my analysis of the photos. Still there is no substitute for my own wildlife photo shoot, which I will do as soon as I take delivery. Keep checking back for the latest review.