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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Canon 'See Impossible' Marketing Campaign

In recent years, there is no secret high end smartphones, like the newly introduced Apple iPhone 6 with their ever improving, built-in camera, are taking some business away from camera manufacturers. Yesterday, Canon launched a new advertising campaign called “See Impossible” to shift the marketing focus away from products and onto customers’ stories.

Canon’s campaign evolves around a new website that contains a series of videos highlighting how customers are using a whole range of Canon products in their daily lives. A short clip shows how an author used the technology to self-publish her book. In the future, additional content will include stories and testimonials from real life consumers.

I am a wildlife photographer using Canon equipment for 25 years and also own the iPhone 6. To me, the camera on my phone is a convenience, the camera in my hands is a high precision tool. I won't trade one for the other because they both have their place in my life. Of course there are people who don't share my view but many do and keeping one's core and loyal customers is always a good start for any business. Last year, I made some observations and comments for my friends in Japan. My feeling is Canon is listening and will be changing for the better, hopefully.

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