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Monday, November 14, 2016

Canon Cinema C300 Mark II Camera Lens Mount Update

Egami discovered another new Canon patent for a mount replacement camera system. The upcoming Cinema C700 will feature such a setup and the current Cinema C300 Mark II camera already offers this as an option.

Patent Publication No. 2016-192701 (Google Translated)

  • Published 2016.11.10
  • Filing date 2015.3.31
  • Mount exchange possible
  • Change the menu content depending on the mount

Owners and purchasers of the Canon EOS C300 Mark II can now benefit from a new lens mount service option which offers the capability to change the 4K Digital Cinema Camera’s original EF mount to EF Mount with Cinema Lock or to a PL mount and back again.

The Lens Mount Replacement service can be booked in at the Canon Regional Competence Centres (RCC) in France, Germany, Italy, Sweden or the UK. Alternatively, the PL lens mount and SHIM kit are also available for direct sale.

Canon has also revealed that from early 2016 a PL mount version of the C300 Mark II will be available to purchase in all EMEA territories. Up until now the camera has only been available in an EF mount but by January 2016 customers can choose whether to purchase an EF mount or a PL mount version. The upcoming PL mount version of the camera will provide support for all of Canon’s PL mount Cinema lenses and other industry-standard PL lenses (Cooke/i not supported), thus allowing for even greater shooting possibilities.


From November 16, 2015, owners will have the option to either send their EOS C300 Mark II to an RCC (either directly or via a local Canon Authorised Service Provider) in order to perform the Lens Mount Service or to purchase a PL Lens Mount and/or SHIM kit directly for self-installation or installation by an RCC.

If choosing to send the camera to a Canon RCC, the following service options will be available :

Mount Replacement Service

If you choose to purchase a PL Lens Mount directly, or would like to revert the camera back to the original EF mount from a previous mount change, the RCCs will be able perform the mount replacement using your purchased or original Lens Mount.

Mount Replacement Service & Mount

Depending on your requirements, the applicable RCC will supply & install either an EF Mount with Cinema Lock Lens Mount or a PL Lens Mount.

Mount Replacement Service & Mount & Shim Kit

Depending on your requirements, the applicable RCC will supply & install either an EF Mount with Cinema Lock Lens Mount or a PL Lens Mount. A SHIM kit will also be supplied for self-installation.
To book in a camera for a Lens Mount Service or to enquire about purchasing a PL mount or SHIM kit directly (including spare part pricing information), please contact the relevant RCC by e-mail. 

Details of the correct RCC to contact, depending on where you are located, are listed below :

Canon RCC France

For customers in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Please email

Canon RCC Germany

For customers based in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland. Please email

Canon RCC Italy

For customers based in Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Romania and Slovenia. Please email

Canon RCC Sweden

For customers based in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway. Please email

Canon RCC UK

For customers based in the UK and Ireland. Please email
Owners whose country is not mentioned above will be unable to take advantage of the Lens Mount Replacement Services. An option to purchase the Spare Parts directly, however, is available. Please contact a local Canon Video Service Centre for more information.

EOS C300 Mark II White Papers available for download

You can read and download my earlier posts on the EOS C300 Mark II white papers and the latest firmware updates available for the C300 and C300 Mark II cameras. 

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