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Monday, November 14, 2016

See How Canon EF Lens Are Manufactured

My readers know I am the Wildlife Ho-tographer and Canon user, traversing the globe on wildlife photography shoots. Ever wondered how Canon manufactures their EF and Super Telephoto lenses?
Click on the link and find out.

Just back from my Polar bear photo tour in Hudson Bay, Canada. It was quite a successful trip even though the weather was 'mild' by sub Arctic standard and the bears were not able to find sea ice to hunt seals even in mid November. Came across sows with cubs, sub adult and full grown males with reasonably healthy looking weight, this time of the year.

In past years, they would have been able to start heading out to the bay and try and replenish their weight by actively hunting seals. I came across the BBC2 film crew filming and broadcasting the Arctic Live series on the tundra.

Now back to my daily routine of photo processing and blog writing until the next wildlife photo tour. You can follow my travels on Facebook , Twitter , see my equipment bag and works on

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