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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Canon EOS-50D Camera Shoots RAW Video

Remember the Canon EOS-50D from a few years ago and the guys from Magic Lantern who have been regularly 'hacking' into the firmwares of Canon cameras?

Please see my earlier post on this topic. This is not the first time these programmers have managed to gain access to Canon's firmwares. They have now done it for the EOS-50D and shot RAW videos with this 'ancient' camera. You can see the video below :

The programmers at Magic Lantern continue to tinker with Canon's firmwares so I wondered why they have not tried their hands on Canon's top-of-the-line EOS-1D series of cameras.

Apparently, Canon has made it clear and in no uncertain terms, they will bring legal action to the fullest extent of the law to enforce their legal rights if anyone attempts to manipulate the firmware of the EOS-1 cameras. However, loading third party software on your Canon camera may void the warranty. See my earlier post on this topic.

Below are the obtainable results with the current software on the EOS-50D camera :

Resolution and Performance at 24 fps

  • 1592×1062 – frame skipping after about 50 frames (67.7MB/s)
  • 1592×840 – frame skipping after about 480 frames (53.5MB/s)
  • 1592×720 – no frame skipping (44.3MB/s)
  • 1320×1062 – frame skipping after about 300 frames (56.1MB/s)
  • 1320×960 – frame skipping after about 1200 frames (50.7MB/s)
  • 1320×840 – no frame skipping (44.3MB/s)
  • 1280×1062 – frame skipping after about 250 frames (54.4 MB/s)
  • 1280×960 – no frame skipping (49.2MB/s)

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