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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Canon EOS Digital Solution Software Available For Download

Canon's EOS Digital Solution Disk Software Disk is available for download. One needs to enter the serial number of one's camera in order to download the software. Be sure to enter any leading zeros, or the serial number will not be recognized.

From Canon USA :

"EOS Digital Solution Disk Software" is a software suite containing the applications "Digital Photo Professional", "EOS Utility" and "Picture Style Editor", dedicated for users who cannot use the bundled CD to install the suite to the PC.

Digital Photo Professional: This software is recommended for users who mainly shoot RAW images. You can quickly view, edit, process and print RAW images. You can also edit JPEG images while retaining the original images.

EOS Utility: With the camera connected to a computer, EOS Utility enables you to transfer still photos and movies shot with the camera to the computer. You can also use this software to set various camera settings and shoot remotely with the computer connected to the camera.

Picture Style Editor: You can edit Picture Styles and create and save original Picture Style files.

The software contains the following version applications :

  • Digital Photo Professional 3.13.10
  • EOS Utility 2.13.10
  • Picture Style Editor 1.13.10

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