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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Canon EOS-M new Camera and Lens coming

Canon EOS-M camera with 22mm f/2 STM lens

Remember the Canon EOS-M line of mirrorless cameras? Although this camera is not as successful as the Canon Rebel, EOS-5D and EOS-6D line of full frame cameras, Canon has not given up hope yet. Management realized the weakness of the EOS-M and is trying to remedy the situation, revive the entire line and give it another go.

Although the mirrorless camera market is doing quite well in Asia, especially in Japan where it is very popular with women, Canon is paying the price of playing catch up with their competitors in this segment. Being the only major manufacturer without a mirrorless camera, they rushed out a product last year to fill the gap and now realized the limitations of their hardware design.

The next generation of EOS-M, expected to turn up some time in the summer, apparently will fix the problem once and for all, but at a higher price point. The new camera will be introduced as a higher end product, complete with a viewfinder and new AF system plus a couple of STM lenses, including a 18-135mm compact and a longer zoom. There is a chance a prime lens may also be introduced. Canon knows it is getting a lot of competition from the 4/3 and NEX cameras on the market and is trying to give the EOS-M a fighting chance to succeed.

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