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Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Canon AF Technology Coming In July?

The Canon EOS-70D camera is still expected to be announced some time in July. See my earlier post on this topic and remember the surprise that Canon may have installed for us in July, as reported by another one of my earlier post?

The word is this surprise maybe some sort of new advancement in Auto Focus technology, scheduled to appear in the EOS-70D camera. If true, this makes a whole lot of sense since the 70D is expected to be powered by the DIGIC 5 processor and have some sort of WiFi capability, similar to the one found in the EOS-6D. So there is really little to excite the photography world unless there is a 'surprise'. The recent release of the EOS Rebel T5i camera was a real sleeper because it is essentially a EOS Rebel T4i with a higher price tag.

To make the EOS-70D a real success, Canon must rely on something more than just marketing hype and come out with some meaningful new technology. Canon has a 'strange' method of introducing their new technologies. They put them into lower end cameras first before installing them on their top end products. For example, the recently released Canon PowerShot SX280 has the DIGIC 6 processor. Keeping checking back for the latest information. Hope to get more soon.

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