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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Canon Patents Hi-Res Images By Pixel Shift

The Japanese Photography Blog, Egami has uncovered another Canon patent. It apparently aims to create sharp photos by enhancing the pixels in multiple images taken during continuous shooting. One might say it acts as a complement to Image Stabilization technology. You can read the original article here in Japanese.

It is important to point out Canon files thousands of patents a year but many do not make it onto a product. The strategy is to stake a claim on the invention and deny their competitors the use of the technology. Below is a translation of a portion of the filing.

Patent Publication No. 2013-74337

  • Publication date 2013.4.22
  • Filing date 2011.9.26
  • If there is misalignment of the sub-pixels, it can obtain a high resolution image from a low resolution image
  • By continuous shooting and combining pixel shift, I get a high-resolution image
  • Method of pixel shift, lens and image sensor shift of
  • By setting appropriately the displacement amount corresponding to the super-resolution magnification optimization 

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