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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Canon Patents IS Lens for Astro Photography

Canon EOS-60Da DSLR camera

Egami, the Japanese Photography Blog reported on another Canon patent involving an image stabilized lens for astro-photography. The lens is designed to track celestial objects, like stars. Canon already has the EOS-60Da, a DSLR camera specifically designed for astro-photography. This new patent, if it turns into a marketable lens in the future, will probably be enhanced by an upgrade to the current EOS-60Da camera, with additional features like GPS, auto leveling, and the more powerful DIGIC 6 processor. You can read the original article in Japanese here.

Patent Publication No. 2013-77910
  • Publication date 2013.4.25
  • Filing date 2011.9.29

Canon patent
  • In the lens anti-vibration mechanism from etc., let me change the direction of the optical axis
  • From the GPS, etc., I ask the coordinates and altitude
  • Detects the inclination of the posture from the electronic level, etc., to determine the direction of the optical axis
  • Calculate the speed and direction of movement of celestial angle of view, and controls the lens according to the calculation result

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