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Friday, October 11, 2013

Canon Professional Network - EOS-6D Tips And Tricks

Canon photographers, filmmakers and technical experts bring you invaluable weekly tips to ensure you maximize your use of Canon cameras, camcorders, and their range of accompanying accessories.

EOS 6D - WiFi: MAC Address

When trying to connect an EOS 6D to a WiFi network, you may follow all the steps correctly including selecting the right SSID and inputting the password correctly and yet still not be able to connect. If this happens, check the router settings and make sure it does not have a media access control (MAC) address filter on it. If there is a MAC address filter active, then in the camera menu, go to the WiFi options and press the INFO button for “General sett.” Here you will find the MAC address for the WiFi unit in the camera that you can then add to the MAC filtering list in the router.

EOS 6D - WiFi: Reviewing images via EOS Remote app

When using the built-in WiFi function of the EOS 6D, it is possible to view images stored on the memory card in the camera from a smartphone or tablet. If you have lots of images on the card and would like to restrict which ones can be seen from the remote device, this can be done from the WiFi function menu. Simply select “review/change settings” and then “Viewable imgs”. From here you will be able to restrict images by day, rating or file number range as required.

EOS 6D - WiFi and EOS Remote app

When controlling the EOS 6D from a smartphone or tablet using the EOS Remote app and built-in WiFi function on the camera, it is possible to select and download images to the smartphone or tablet for review. When doing this, you may find the images are smaller than you expect. This is irrespective of the file size setting on the camera, the images transferred to the smartphone will be sent as S2 JPEGs. This ensures they transfer quickly and do not fill up the memory of your smartphone or tablet.

EOS 6D - WiFi preparation

The EOS 6D features a very useful built-in WiFi function that allows you to control the camera from a smartphone or tablet, or send images to other WiFi enabled cameras, or indeed a computer. If you are trying to use the WiFi function but find that it is greyed out in the menu, make sure the camera is not connected to an external device using the USB interface port. If you are connected to a printer, computer, external GPS device of other peripheral with a cable, the WiFi functions will not be accessible.

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