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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Magic Lantern's New Web Page and FAQ

Magic Lantern has come out with a new webpage. The Canon cameras supported by a final release of their software (Version 2.3) are :

  • EOS-5D Mark II
  • EOS-50D
  • EOS-60D
  • EOS-500D
  • EOS-550D
  • EOS-600D

Support for other Canon cameras is in the work, you can download nightly builds or alpha releases A beta release for the EOS-M and EOS-70D will be available soon. The following cameras have an alpha release :

  • EOS-5D
  • EOS-5D Mk III
  • EOS-6D
  • EOS-7D
  • EOS-40D
  • EOS-100D
  • EOS-650D
  • EOS-700D
  • EOS-1100D
  • EOS-M

Be very careful if you plan to download these software. They are hacks and not supported by Canon. Use them at your own risk. Click here to access the ML website for more information.

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