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Monday, July 14, 2014

Canon Patents Multi Layer Related Sensor

The Japanese photography blog Egami (translated) has discovered another sensor patent filed by Canon. This patent describes a 3 layer, Foveon-like sensor with an insulator film applied. The film helps reduce reflection and flares. In the last few months, similar patents have been unearthed.

This new sensor design may be featured in the upcoming Canon EOS-7D Mk II and future cameras.

    Patent Publication No. 2014-130890

  •      Publication date 2014.7.10
  •      Filing date 2012.12.28

Multilayer sensor drawback of G is light, the image quality is degraded and reflected by the surface of the layer between the G and B layer, re-enters the B layer

    Canon patents

  • The provision of the dielectric film and the insulating film as an anti-reflection film
  • First insulating layer, B layer, a dielectric film, insulating film, dielectric film, G layer, 
  • a dielectric film, insulating film, insulating film, dielectric film, the R layer
  • By increasing the thickness of the dielectric film, to suppress the multiple reflection
  • The dielectric film is between the G layer and B layer, the reflectance with respect to G is lower than B

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