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Friday, October 3, 2014

Canon Japan - EOS-7D Mk II Sample Images and Videos

Canon EOS-7D Mk II camera

Canon announced their long awaited EOS-7D Mk II camera on September 15 and received very good reviews so far. Now you can see sample images and videos from Canon Japan, download the Instruction Manual and the Guide Book on how to master the 65 point cross-type AF system, read a field report and see a short film, shot entirely with the new camera.

Just returned from my wildlife photo shoot in South Africa. I brought with me the Canon EOS-1D X and EOS-1D Mk IV cameras plus the EF 200-400mm f/4L IS and EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS lenses. The photo shoot is very similar to India. 4 wheel drive jeeps are used on very bumpy and dusty dirt roads. Tripods and monopods are of little use and fast zoom lens and cameras with high ISO performance are a must. You can see my works on

I have ordered the EOS-7D Mk II camera and am very anxious to take it on a Polar bear photo shoot in Hudson Bay in November and give it a thorough field test and write a review on this body, provided I receive the camera in time before I leave.


Michael Daniel Ho said...

I am quite impressed by the sample Canon images. As a wildlife photographer, I paid special attention to the Humpback whales and Hawk in flight shots. The whale image was produced with a 2X converter at ISO 800. The individual baleen was clearly evident when the Humpback popped out of the water. I have photographed this scene many times and it's not easy to do with such clarity.

The flying hawk is equally impressive. Shot wide open with f/4 and ISO 320, the scales on the legs are clearly identifiable. Both images easily surpasse what the current EOS-7D can do. It may even approach the EOS-1D X's territory, a camera I know very well and use on all my trips. Can't wait to get the EOS-7D MK II and put it through my own wildlife photo shoots to see the results first hand.

Barry Summers said...

It takes one to know one. Thanks for pointing out the details in the photos. I heard by some measure, the sensitivity of the EOS-7D Mk II even surpasses the top-of-the-line EOS-1D X camera. Is that true?

Arthur Morris said...

Your analysis of the photos are right on. The AF system on the EOS-7D Mk II is impressive especially when the camera costs less than a 1/3 of the EOS-1D X. Is the latter over priced or is Canon giving away the store with the former.