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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Canon Japan - Miniature Replica EOS-5Ds with 2 USB Flash Drive Lenses

Canon Japan's Store is selling  a miniature EOS-5Ds replica camera with two L lens flash drives. This is an official Canon product and it also comes in the EOS-1D X version as well. The miniature cameras are an exact 1 : 2.6 scale replica of the real DSLR bodies.

The set includes the camera, USB extension cable, detachable body cap, USB cover and a miniature camera strap. The prices for the Canon 5Ds, EF 24-105mm, and EF 70-200mm lens kit sell for ¥9,980 (about $83) each or as a package for ¥19,960 (about $160). The current inventory has been completely sold out and replenishment should arrive some time after the New Year.

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