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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nikon Plans To Acquire Samsung's Mirrorless Business?

There is little secret Sony has a lead in full frame mirrorless cameras right now. Their a7 line of cameras received some good reviews. Leica recently announced their full frame SL mirrorless camera to join the competition. I reported in my earlier post Samsung had ceased their camera operations in both Germany and the United Kingdom. They are in the process of exiting other countries as well.

Now rumor has it Nikon may have bought Samsung's mirrorless business. Samsung has 'officially' denied this but do you really expect them to admit it before any deal is signed and sealed? If true, they are certain to bring out their own full frame mirrorless camera. Nikon is the smallest of the big three camera manufacturers. They have been very dependent on Sony for their sensors. Purchasing the Samsung operations and partnering with them will help tremendously in their mirrorless ambitions.

This should not be a surprise. In my previous reporting, Canon and other manufacturers are suffering from a decline in sales and profits. Only the strong companies will survive and Canon is already developing their own full frame mirrorless camera. Nikon is most vulnerable and must act to preserve its position in the mirrorless space. Expect some announcement from Nikon and Samsung in the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas in January, 2016. Keep checking back, More to come . . . . .

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