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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Canon EOS-6D Sensor Rating by DxOMark

Canon EOS-6D full frame DSLR camera

DxOMark has released their sensor score for the Canon EOS-6D camera and a comparison chart between Canon's three full framed cameras. It is on par with the latest Canon's lineup with a little surprise.

The following comments are from DxOMark :

Canon now offers three full-frame CMOS sensor cameras within the EOS range. This could potentially confuse the buying decision; however the prices are very well stratified. So, how does the lowest priced model, the EOS 6D, fair against its more illustrious stable mates?

Interestingly, the overall DxOMark scores for the three models are very similar, with the EOS 6D actually matching the flagship EOS-1D X on a score of 82. Each of the three models has one area in the three testing metrics where it performs slightly better than the others. For the EOS 6D, this is in the Dynamic Range area, where it manages 12.1Evs to the EOS-1D X’s 11.8EVs and the EOS 5D Mark III’s 11.7Evs.

In terms of Color Depth, the EOS 5D Mark III comes out on top, scoring 24bits to the 23.8bits of both the EOS 6D and EOS-1D X. In the sports or low-light ISO area though, the EOS-1D X justifies its flagship status by scoring 2786 ISO to the EOS 6D’s 2340 and the EOS 5D Mark III’s 2293 ISO. It is actually this slightly lower ISO score for the EOS 5D Mark III that has caused it to drop 1 DxOMark point compared to the other cameras.

I am rather busy planning my 2013 photo shoots and still way behind on my photo processing from my previous trips but when things settle down, I will get a hold of the EOS-6D camera and give it a good workout but my initial impression is the EOS-5D MK III may suit my purpose better but I am willing to give the new camera a good look.

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