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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Canon Sells The Most DSLRs in 2012

The sales numbers are out for 2012. According to BCN, a company that tracks camera sales in Japan, Canon ranks top in DSLR sales, with a 28.6% market share, followed by Nikon 25%, Olympus 14.3%, Sony 13.3% and Panasonic at 11.3%, rounding out the fifth spot.

Canon's market share of high end DSLR cameras actually increased, with the phenomenal success of the EOS-5D MK III and EOS-1D X. I have picked the 5D MK III as the best value in full frame DSLR and the 1D X as the best camera on the market today. You can read the article on the sales figure and another translated article from Japan discussing the phenomenon of mirrorless camera sales.

You can read my review of the EOS-1D X and EOS-5D MK III cameras and see photo taken with both on my website - 

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