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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Canon EOS-7D Camera For $1,199 Shipped

Canon EOS-7D DSLR camera with EF prime and zoom lenses

The Canon EOS-7D has been my pick as the best value in DSLR camera for 3 years running. Now large camera stores selling over the Internet are advertising the 7D (list price $1,599)  for $1,199 including shipping to the United States. This is an excellent value and another clear indication the EOS-7D MK II is on its way.

Take a look at my other post on the upcoming EOS-7D MK II. The new camera is expected to be announced the first quarter of 2013 and lists for about $2,000. Take a look at my review of the current model. I would not hesitate to buy the current 7D if one shoots primarily in good to moderate light. At the current price, it is an even better deal.

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