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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Canon EOS Rebel SL1/Kiss X7 In White

Canon has released a white version of the EOS Kiss X7 camera in Japan, available on November 28, 2013. It is essentially the same camera as the Rebel SL1/EOS 100D camera in the rest of the world.

I suppose if Apple finally released iPhones in all different colors, why should Canon not follow the leader in consumer marketing? I am glad 2013 is coming to a close and looking forward to a renewed Canon in 2014.

The following is the official, translated Canon release for the camera :

"In recent years, the need for smaller and lighter to entry for digital single-lens reflex camera is growing even more. To respond to this, Canon was launched in April 2013 while maintaining a high level of basic performance, realized the body of the world's smallest and lightest "EOS Kiss X7". Compact and lightweight body of "EOS Kiss X7" [size: Approximately 116.8 (W) × 90.7 (height) × 69.4 (depth) mm, Weight: about 370g (body only)] is to carry easily, athletic meet and travel I get a favorable reception from wide range of customers to be able to enjoy a full-fledged shooting in a variety of scenes such as.

This time, I will release "(white) EOS Kiss X7" white body for the first time as a digital single-lens reflex camera of Canon. By the body compact, lightweight "EOS Kiss X7", is subjected to a white paint high quality with reduced luster, while maintaining a sense of quality suitable for single-lens reflex camera, I finish the design light feeling becomes more attractive and more.

"EOS Kiss X7 (White)" and "F3.5-5.6 IS STM EF-S18-55mm" standard zoom lens, I finished in the same color as the body single focus lens "EF40mm F2.8 STM (White)" is, of I will sell ? 2 in the commodity composition of double lens kit. I realize the design with a sense of unity and a feeling of size with excellent mobility and more by the combination of the EF lens series thinnest and lightest and body "EF40mm F2.8 STM (white)"

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