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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wildlife Photography - Photo Shoot in South Africa, Day 6

African Lion ready to see off rivals

Juvenile leopard on a night hunt with mom

* * *  Read travel log from Day 11 and Day 8  * * *

I had a harrowing flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg. Came across three separate thunder storms replete with severe lighting. The whole sky lit up like the Fourth of July. The plane was tossed around like a kite in a wind storm. I am used to being tossed around in jeeps, zodiacs, small boats and planes but when one is hurling through a pitch black, lighting filled sky, inside an aluminum tube at 550+ mph, 40,000 feet in the air, it's too close for comfort.

Went on a night safari and came across this juvenile Leopard and its mother. It was completely dark and all I had was a small spotlight. The Leopard was about 80 feet away so it is not a great photo but there is nothing like seeing the apex night predator in action.

The Lion action is quite good. Came across two mating pairs and they were busy. Don't have a lot of time looking through my photos because I am mostly very tired at the end of each day. Visit my website to see more photos from previous trips.

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