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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wildlife Photography - Photo Shoot in South Africa, Day 8

African lion patrolling his territory and keeping rivals at bay

African leopard hiding in thick bush cover

Young African elephant feeding in the early morning hours

                                  * * *  Read travel log from Day 11 and Day 6  * * *

The lodges I am staying is in a savanna bushveld type of woodland. Wildebeest, Cape Buffaloes, Warthogs and other grazing animals come right up to my room and it is a wonderful experience to see and feel nature close up. At night, I can hear lions calling to each other and other animals moving in the bush in complete darkness, except for the thousands of twinkling stars overhead in the black sky.

Lions are not too difficult to locate but tracking the Leopards are proving quite a challenge. When a Leopard is found, it is usually hiding in thick bush and that makes photographing them a nightmare. So far no luck on finding Cheetahs and African wild dogs. Everyday I go on two safari photo shoots - early morning and late afternoon. Mid afternoon is usually too hot and is reserved for rest and relaxation. Weather is dry and hot but the insects and mosquitoes are practically non existent, unlike the Pantanals in Brazil, a couple of weeks ago.

I had no time to post and keep up with news from Photokina 2014, Canon and the photography world in general until my return. Visit my website to see photos from my previous trips.

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