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Monday, September 14, 2015

Canon New Connect Station Supports Wireless Charging and 4K

Canon introduced their first Connect Station back in January of 2015 and the product's reception was muted at best. Last week, they showed off the next generation Connect Station at the Canon Expo Show in New York. The second generation model features built-in wireless and NFC connectivity for automatically importing of photos and videos from compatible Canon cameras.

The new Connect Station comes with a 1TB hard drive and HDMI output for connecting to the TV and other external monitors, and supports 4K playback. Smartphones and tablets will be able to control the Station remotely. Photos and videos can be uploaded to the Cloud as well as stored on the Station itself.

The added features will make the second generation Connect Station more useful and friendly to many more users and may receive a different reception when the new device is introduced next year.

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