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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Canon's 120MP APS-H Sensor DSLR Prototype

A few days ago, just prior to the Canon Expo 2015 Show in New York City, Canon announced it was building, among other things, a 120MP APS-H sensor DSLR prototype camera. The pundits and chat forums immediately chimed in with their verdicts. It ranged from disbelief to ecstasy. One website even betting Canon will release the sensor in 2017.

The fact is, Canon is the largest photographic equipment manufacturer in the world and dwarfs every other company. They ranked first in U.S. patents granted for 9 years in a row. Their labs routinely work on 'out of the box' type of projects. This is how you innovate and challenge your engineers. The announcement is designed to attract attention for the show and put the spotlight on the company's achievement and innovation. No more needs to be read into this developmental announcement for the foreseeable future.  

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