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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Canon EOS-5Ds Camera for $2700 Including Shipping

Canon EOS-5Ds and EOS-5DsR cameras

The Canon EOS-5Ds and EOS-5DsR cameras are available everywhere now. DxOMark recently came out with their sensor score on the camera and compared it to the Nikon D810 and Sony a7R.
I have compared the EOS-5D Mk III to the EOS-5Ds for those who are contemplating buying either camera or upgrading to one.

There is a top-rated merchant on eBay selling the Canon EOS-5Ds camera for $3,200 including free shipping. The list price is $2,700 so if you are interested in buying one, don't delay too much longer. Canon recently put out a list of recommended lens with this camera and there is also a Canon rebate program going on right now if you buy the camera with specify lens.

You will not find a link to this eBay item because I do not accept any ad or commissioned link on my Blog or website. I am completely unbiased in my recommendation and have no conflict of interest. You can easily find the link yourself. I will not be buying this camera since it is not the right wildlife photography tool for me. I am waiting for the EOS-5D Mk IV and EOS-1D X Mk II, coming out later this year or early 2016.  You can see my wildlife photography on

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