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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Canon Released White Paper on Cinema EOS C300 Mk II Camcorder

Canon Cinema EOS C300 Mk II camcorder

Canon announced the C300 Mk II at NAB in April of 2015. The Cinema EOS C300 Mk II camcorder is a professional camcorder with 4K capability. The first generation EOS C300 camcorder utilized a proprietary Super 35mm CMOS image sensor. It divides the signal into four parallel HD components. The summation of the two green components reduced aliasing that, in turn, supported a higher Luma MTF.

The new EOS C300 Mk II preserves these basic strategies but within a totally new 4K CMOS image sensor design. The new camera is intended to significantly extend the overall image performance of HD beyond that of the C300 while further supporting the alternative 2K cinema format. A 15-stop dynamic range is provided by a new photodiode design that simultaneously lowers the noise floor while elevating the saturation level – offering excellent HDR functionality.

The Cinema EOS C300 Mk II white paper from Canon USA provides all technical information you like to know before deciding on your purchase. You can see a hands on video and read the review here for the camera.

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