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Monday, August 24, 2015

Canon Patent - Electronic Tilt-Shift Adapter for Any EF Lens

Canon has patented an ingenious electronic Tilt-Shift Adapter that can be used with any EF lens.

The patent application explains the process :

"    . . . . . the camera CPU 302 generates a signal to reduce an image pickup area of the image sensor 301 so as to make available the tilt-shift by the tilt-shift unit, when the image size of the interchangeable lens 100 is equal to the sensor size of the image sensor 301.

    [0071] In S007, the camera CPU 302 changes the image recording range for the obtained image to the range in which the light is not shielded by the tilt-shift operation. The changed range for the obtained image may be automatically selected by the camera side or the changed range may be set by the user."

For those who perform architectural photography for a living, a real tilt shift lens is a must but for the occasional tilt shift lens user, this small adapter can be very attractive. The patent reveals the adapter can also be used with lenses that have built-in Image Stabilization

The patent application explains the process :

"The camera CPU 302 calculates the shift difference amount based on the tilt-shift amount and tilt-shift direction in S107. In S108, the camera CPU 302 calculates the correction value of the driving amount of the image stabilizing lens 104 to correct the shift difference amount, and sends the correction value to the interchangeable lens 100 so as to drive the image stabilizing lens 104 by the correction value."

In addition to IS lenses, the patent also discusses the possibility of using sensor shift image stabilization in a similar manner. However, the adapter may not be able to operate on some older cameras.

 "This embodiment drives the image sensor 301 instead of driving the image stabilizing lens 104.

    [0080] The camera body 300 has an image sensor driver 309 configured to move the image sensor 301 in the Y c and Zc directions orthogonal to the center axis X. This configuration provides an image stabilizer configured to stabilize an image. The other entire structure is similar to that in the third embodiment . . . . "

For a look at the complete Canon Tilt Shift Adapter patent application, click here to download a copy.

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