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Friday, August 21, 2015

Canon's Big Plans For EOS-M Line Of Cameras

Canon EOS-M line of mirrorless cameras

The world of mirrorless cameras have enjoyed a good run in the last few years. The offerings from companies like Sony are especially innovative but still not professional grade. Canon was late to the mirrorless arena and played catch up by introducing the EOS-M and EF-M line about 3 years ago.

The EOS-M line of mirrorless cameras is now in its third generation, with the latest EOS-M3 announced in February 2015. Canon's EOS-M cameras sell quite well in Asia, especially in Japan but it has yet to penetrate the rest of the world with any great success. The latest version is not even exported to North America.

Apparently, Canon has decided to throw its weight and muscle whole-heartedly behind their mirrorless platform after deciding it will be a priority product. They are the largest photography company in the world and have numerous patents and designs in their laboratories waiting to be brought to market. The EF-M line of lenses will be strengthened with additional zoom and prime lenses.

The next generation, the EOS-M4 may be launched as a global camera, much like the EOS Rebel line. Management has not decided when to launch this big mirrorless camera push but it will be next year and I estimate after the announcement of the much anticipated EOS-5D Mk IV camera, expected to be early 2016. The Canon EXPO 2015 is taking place next month in New York City. There may be some mention of their new EOS-M line of innovations and offerings for next year. Keep checking back for the latest development.

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