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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Canon EOS-M3 Camera Coming To North America

Canon EOS-M3 camera with EF lens

Canon announced the EOS-M3 mirrorless camera on February 6. This is their third attempt to make this line of camera popular outside Asia. Although the EOS-M is selling well in Asia, it never caught on with the photography crowd in Europe and North America. Like the EOS-M2, the camera is not scheduled to be exported to North America but one can easily buy it through Amazon in the United Kingdom and Germany or Canon in Hong Kong. Click here and here to see sample images taken in Japan with the pre-production camera and see a video review of the camera.

One reason why the first version of the EOS-M did not catch on outside Asia was due to the limited selection of lenses but now Canon has built up the EOS-M line of glass. Canon Japan is in serious discussion right now trying to decide whether to export the EOS-M3 to North America. My guess is they will decide to go ahead with the move.

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