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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wildlife Photography - Alaskan Photo Tour, Day 10

I am still on my wildlife photo tour of Alaska. Arrived in South east Alaska a few days ago for more wildlife photography. The Brown bear encounters were quite good in Round 1 of my tour. Now in Round 2, the whales sightings are OK and I have taken a few decent photos.

Those who are familiar with SE Alaska will know the weather is, as usual, gray and wet. I was lucky to have witnessed a pod of Killer whales hunting a Stellar Sealion. The pod took about two hours to finish the job, taking their time to teach the young and inexperienced members the art of the hunt. It was exciting and sobering to watch at the same time.

This year I did not witness any bubble net feeding by the Humpback whales but they did come very close to my small boat and performed a few full breaches. Just posting a few shots of whales after a quick look at the photos. Heading to another part of South east Alaska tomorrow for Round 3 of more wildlife photography. Visit my website to see more wildlife photos of my previous trips to Alaska.

Killer whale hunting Stellar sealion in SE Alaska

Killer whales cruising SE Alaskan waters

Humpback whale making a full breach in South east Alaska

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