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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Canon EOS-1D X Mk II Camera Coming in 2015

* * *  For a nostalgic look at the past, read this post on the EOS-1 camera  * * *

The Canon EOS-1D X has been available for about two years this July. I have picked this camera as the best DSLR body on the market two years in a row. Since its announcement, there has been many improvements to the world of high tech camera equipment - the DIGIC 6 processor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF system and newer sensor technology, just to name a few.

Nikon recently released their D4S camera. Canon, in anticipation of the move, released Firmware 2.0.3 to enhance the capabilities and features of the EOS-1D X back in January. In my opinion, the camera is holding its own against the newer Nikon but Canon engineers are busy working on the Mk II version. You can see photos taken with the current camera on worldwide shoots on

With major emphasis placed on the Canon Cinema EOS camera line, there is talk about a secret test going on some where in a New York City film studio. The camera in question is a prototype Canon EOS-1D X Mk II, with perhaps a new type of sensor, utilizing the latest technologies mentioned above, creating files that are larger than the present EOS-1D X and similar in size to the EOS-5D Mk III but with superior colors and details.

The EOS-1D X is a favorite body for sports and wildlife photographers. I believe Canon wants to maintain the burst rate of the new camera to at least equal the current EOS-1D X's 12 to 14 fps. If they can increase the size of the output file without having to increase the mega pixel of the sensor too much, this would be ideal for them. If everything goes well, the Mk II model may have a product development announcement some time late 2014, with a mid 2015 official launch date and a Q3 shipping schedule for the camera. That would put the EOS-1D X's replacement cycle about three years after its first introduction. Keep checking back for the latest information and development.


Canon User said...

Thanks for this great news. The Canon EOS-1D X is an excellent camera. Your stunning wildlife photos are proof enough but if the Mk II can produce file sizes similar to the EOS-5D Mk III, that would really be icing on the cake. This means more pixels for cropping. Keep us posted on the latest news.

Michael Daniel Ho said...

My only 'complaint' about the Canon EOS-1D X is its reach. As a wildlife photographer, I can never get enough focal length. With its full frame, I always have to use the extender. That's why I am so keen on the upcoming EOS-7D Mk II camera. It will be a semi-pro body and with its 1.6X sensor, brings me closer to the action. Another reason why I always bring my Canon EOS-1D Mk IV on photo shoots, with its 1.3X sensor.

Unknown said...

My favorite camera line, the Canon EOS-1, just turned 25 and the current EOS-1D X is about two years old. With the recent release of the Nikon D4S and all the technological advances like the DIGIC 6 processor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF, etc. 2015 sounds like a reasonable time frame for the EOS-1D Mk II to be announced.