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Friday, May 23, 2014

LOOKbetween 2014 : Canon Mentoring The Magic

From New York to China to Tanzania, LOOK3 will bring many of the world’s leading early career photographers to LOOKbetween 2014. Taking place only once every four years, LOOKbetween is the anchor event of the LOOK3 mentorship programme. Alumni describe it as “a career-defining experience,” and this year’s event runs from 13-15 June 2014.

LOOKbetween identifies and fosters early career photographers with exceptional skill, commitment, and vision and brings them together with industry professionals for an immersive mentorship experience. Held at Deep Rock Farm (30 minutes from Charlottesville, North Carolina, USA), LOOKbetween provides a forum for in-depth exploration of photographic practice. Attendees participate in presentations, discussions, collaborative projects, and much more.

Speaking to CPN about the LOOK3 ethos, festival founder and Canon Master Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols said: "LOOKbetween is is all about giving the next generation of image makers a lifeline, an anchor. With a weekend to interact, discuss, and share without competition, if it goes as planned it will touch them all for the better."

International audience

With an eye on the increasingly global implications of photography, LOOKbetween 2014 emphasizes international community with 75 participants from 22 different countries and 15 US states. To highlight but a few on the LOOKbetween roster, LOOK3 is collaborating with Magnum Foundation to host their Human Rights photographers from Syria, Bosnia, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, and China; and with Open Society Foundations to bring photographers from Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. With additional contributing voices from Italy to Bangladesh and New York to California, the festival organisers anticipate a dynamic weekend of dialogue among cultures.

Meaningful discussion

LOOKbetween Sessions will be led by Dominic Bracco II, photojournalist and founding member of Prime Collective. Joining him will be a variety of guest experts including Deb Pang Davis, an independent editorial art director, designer, and marketing expert; Alexia Tsairis, Chair for Documentary Photography at the Newhouse School; Meghan Dhaliwal, photojournalist and Multimedia Projects Coordinator at the Pulitzer Centre; Alice Gabriner, senior photo editor at National Geographic magazine; David Alan Harvey, Magnum and National Geographic photographer and publisher of Burn Magazine; Paula Kupfer, managing editor of Aperture magazine; Emma Raynes, Program Director at Magnum Foundation; Radcliffe Roye, Brooklyn-based documentary photographer and mobile activist; Brian Ulrich, photographer known for his exploration of consumer culture and Assistant Professor of Photography at Virginia Commonwealth University; James Wellford, photography editor and curator based in Brooklyn, New York, former International Photo Editor at Newsweek and Yukiko Yamagata, Associate Director for the Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project.

LOOK3 Mentorship Programme

Underpinning all of LOOK3’s endeavours is a commitment to education and professional development. In 2014, LOOK3 has committed to expanding and deepening LOOK3’s mentorship reach. The LOOK3 mentorship program supports, challenges, and helps to develop the next generation of visionary photographers through three initiatives: LOOKbetween, annual workshops, and one-to-one guidance opportunities.

The LOOK3 Mentorship Program aims to :

  • Challenge photographers to push their practices further through critical discourse and work-in-progress critique.
  • Create arenas that encourage dialogue, strengthen advanced visual literacy and critical thinking skills, and invite questions about vital issues in photography.
  • Support exchange among peers as well as with established professionals; support ongoing collaboration and networking opportunities.
  • Deepen awareness about the implications of photography.

Find out more

For more information about the LOOKbetween event, visit the website for information on tickets and next year’s LOOK3 2015 festival.

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