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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Visa pour l’Image - International Festival Of Photojournalism 2014

First details of the exhibition and screening programmes for the 26th Visa pour l’Image international festival of photojournalism – which takes place in Perpignan, France, from 30 August to 14 September 2014 – have been confirmed...

This year’s exhibitions will follow the same well-loved layout and itinerary, making use of the city of Perpignan’s finest churches and buildings to display stories or anthologies on wars, nature, the environment, people, religious issues, social phenomena, plus the great scourges of our time.

Nightly screenings

The Visa pour l'Image evening shows will cover the main events of the past year, from September 2013 to August 2014. Every evening, from Monday 1 September through to Saturday 6 September 2014, the programme will begin with a chronological review of these news stories, two months at a time. This is followed by reports and features on society, wars and stories that have made the news, and others that have been kept quiet, plus coverage of the state of the world today. Visa pour l'Image also presents retrospectives of major events and figures in history. The Visa pour l'Image award ceremonies are held during the evening programmes during the Professional Week (1-7 September), and featuring in the 2014 festival screening programme are :

  • News stories of the year across the continents.
  • 1914: 100 years after the outbreak of World War I [The Great War].
  • Nelson Mandela retrospective.
  • Lou Reed: from Velvet Underground to 2013.
  • 20 years after the War in Chechnya [The First Chechen War], reporting on Chechnya today.
  • 20 years after the Chiapas Rebellion: what has happened to the Zapatistas today?
  • Kalashnikov: the invention that would change the world of armed combat and terrorism.
  • Plus: Ukraine, Central African Republic, Pakistan, India, China, Japan, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Israel, Iran and much more...

Must-see exhibitions

Visitors to this year’s Visa pour l’Image festival will be able to view and enjoy a wide variety of photographers’ work in the exhibition programme, which will include the following exhibits:

  • Amateurs on the Spot – A look at how being in the right place at the right time can get that all-important image.
  • Bruno Amsellem (Signatures) – Rohingyas, a Silenced Minority.
  • Mary F. Calvert (Zuma Press) – The Battle Within: Sexual Assault in America’s Military.
  • William Daniels (Panos Pictures/National Geographic) – The Train for Those Left by the Wayside.
  • Chris Hondros (Getty Images) – Testament.
  • Yunghi Kim (Contact Press) – The Long Road Home in Africa: Famine to Reconciliation 1992-1996.
  • Olivier Laban-Mattei – Mongolia: there is no El Dorado.
  • Sebastián Liste (Reportage By Getty Images) – On the Inside: Venezuelan Prisons Under Inmate Control.
  • Anja Niedringhaus (Associated Press) – Tribute.
  • Klaus Nigge (National Geographic/Creative Pour National Geographic Magazine) – The Bald Eagle in the Aleutian Islands.
  • Anne Rearick (Agence VU) – South Africa: Chronicles of a Township.
  • Sean Sutton (MAG/Panos Pictures) – The Eye of the Storm.
  • Pierre Terdjman – Central African Republic.
  • Gaël Turine (Agence VU) – The Wall of Fear.
  • Michaël Zumstein (Agence VU pour Le Monde) – Terror and Tears in the Central African Republic.

You can view a selection of some of the images from the exhibitions listed above in the Showcase on the right hand side of this article.

An opportunity to network

Thousands of people from the photo industry around the world will flock to Perpignan during the festival’s Professional Week, which this year runs from 1 to 7 September. In 2013, 220,000 people visited the free exhibitions and more than 2,800 professionals came from all over the world. There they will view the exhibitions and evening screenings, soak up the atmosphere, gain inspiration and – naturally – do business. It’s an opportunity for all to mingle with some of the world’s best photojournalists and for rising stars to put their work before respected critics and agencies.

Many of the world's biggest photo agencies will be at Visa pour l'Image, welcoming portfolio submissions and providing photographers with opportunities to talk to agency staff and have their work critiqued.

As well as screenings and exhibitions around the city of Perpignan, the Palais des Congrès in central Perpignan will be the venue for a programme of seminars, debates and ‘Meet the photographers’ sessions. The venue will also host the Canon Space where photographers will be able to ‘touch and try’ the very latest Canon professional imaging equipment, and view some of the most up-to-date Canon photo, video, and printer technologies.

To find out more about the latest updates and plans for the 26th Visa pour l'Image international festival of photojournalism just visit the Visa pour l'Image website. Keep visiting the CPN website in the near future for more news and details of Canon’s planned activities during the Visa pour l’Image 2014 festival.

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