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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Canon EOS-7D Mk II Camera By Another Name?

Recently, there are rumors stating Canon will not come out with the EOS-7D Mk II next year. While that is always a possibility, I think it would be wise for them to do so. The current EOS-7D is an excellent camera and has been my pick as the best value in DSLR with the APS-C sensor four years in a row. However, the camera is showing its age and can take advantage of the latest sensor design, AF technology and high ISO algorithm built into some of the current higher end cameras.

The present EOS-7D is a highly successful camera and Canon will want to continue this top-of-the-line APS-C DSLR and come out with a replacement soon, perhaps by a slightly different name. With the success of the recently introduced Canon EOS-70D and its innovative Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, Canon may include a more advanced version of this feature in the replacement camera and perhaps use the identical 20 MP sensor from the 70D.

Unsurpassed video performance will be a good start for the new camera. That is not enough to put the EOS-7D MK II at the top. It will need dual DIGIC processors to power the advanced AF system, a robust memory buffer for RAW and JPEG files to deliver a burst rate of 10 fps, dual memory slots to store the images and better weather sealing. With the retirement of the Canon EOS-1D Mk IV and the APS-H sensor, many wildlife and sports photographers (especially yours truly) are longing for a professional, cropped frame replacement. I avoid using extenders as much as I can and prefer to use the 7D to get closer shots. The Achilles heel of the EOS-7D is its mediocre high ISO performance and the new camera will address that once and for all.

I expect Canon to be introducing exciting cameras and lenses for 2014. The Canon EOS-7D body will be replaced next year. Read my earlier post on the possible specs. Keep checking back for the latest information and updates.


Canon User said...

The Canon EOS-7D is a nice camera. Yes, it can use an upgrade but the current selling price is really a steal when compared to its performance.

Michael Daniel Ho said...

Yes, the price of the EOS-7D has really come down and some stores' inventory are very low. Perhaps an indication the Mk II may be announced in the next few months. This is a good camera and the low price makes it even more attractive.