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Monday, December 9, 2013

Canon EOS-M2 Camera With Built-in EVF Coming In 2014

Mr. Masaya Maeda of Canon Inc.

As my readers know by now, Canon has announced the EOS-M2 camera in Japan and China last week. There is no plan to release the camera outside Asia at this time. Mr. Masaya Maeda, Canon’s Managing Director and Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations, gave an interview to DCwatch recently. The interview is in Japanese and the English translation is not good. The original text of the interview is here.

From what I am able to deduce, the following are the main take away points :

  • The EOS-M camera line is getting smaller and lighter (note the size of the EOS-M2).
  • A new EOS-M camera with a built-in EVF may be announced in the second half of 2014. See earlier post.
  • Dramatically improved photo and video performance is the goal for Canon’s future mirrorless camera projects.
  • New lenses for the EOS-M system will be coming. See earlier post
  • Canon is exploring a mirrorless camera project for the semi professional market.
  • Canon is highly committed to the EOS Cinema line. See earlier post.  

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