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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nikon D4X or D400 Camera Coming In Mid January?

* * * Nikon D4S camera announced at CES 2014 * * *

Dubai Photo Club is claiming Nikon is ready to announce either the D4X or D400 camera on January 17, 2014. Below is an excerpt from their post :

"Nikon is launching a new DSLR camera in Dubai on 17 January 2014 and on Facebook page for Nikon Middle East & Africa, a photo contest has been launched and the main theme of this contest is speed, action, breathtaking moments.  Also in the description of this contest, Nikon is asking following questions:

What makes your heart race?
What makes your heart skip a beat?
What warms your heart?

Is it speed and adrenaline, the thrill of excitement, or the emotion of the moment?
This gives us a very strong clue that a replacement of either of Nikon’s flagship cameras D300 (DX Format) or D4(FX format) is on the table since both of these are Nikon’s leading product for Sports / Action photography.  It could be a D400 or D4X.  In May this year, Nasim Mansurov of posted an article regarding possible launch of Nikon D400. Just now when we are typing this blog, has reported that NPS Japan stopped selling Nikon D4 cameras trough their equipment exchange program. This is another good indication that a new flagship model is coming soon.   So it could be a D400 or D4X, we will know on 17 January 2014."

My readers know by now I have picked the Canon EOS-1D X as the best wildlife and sports, full frame DSLR camera on the market. Canon has released a major Firmware Version 2.0 upgrade in January 2014. This will make the camera even better and should Nikon announces the D4X in January, the EOS-1D X will be able to hold its own until its replacement comes out in 2015. Personally, I think the Nikon D4X will come out around the 2014 World Cup in June.

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