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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Canon EOS-5D Mk III vs. EOS-6D Comparison

Canon has two full frame DSLR cameras : EOS-5D Mk III and EOS-6D. Which one is right for you? They are both good machines but the list prices are very different, $3,400 vs $1,750 respectively.

The main differences between the two cameras are :

  • Auto Focus : EOS-5D has 61 AF points, 41 cross-type. EOS-6D has 11 AF points, 1 cross-type.   
  • Video : EOS-5D has clean HDMI out and can be used with external recorders. Comes with built-in Moire filter and headphone jack. Not available on EOS-6D.
  • Burst Rate : EOS-5D - 6 fps, EOS-6D - 4.5 fps
  • WiFi GPS : EOS-6D comes with both, none on EOS-5D  
  • Card Slot : EOS-5D - 1 CF and 1 SD.  EOS-6D - 1 SD
  • Sensor and LCD : EOS-5D - 22 MP and 3.2 inch. EOS-6D - 20 MP and 3.0 inch 
  • Weight and Size : EOS-5D - 33.7 oz, slightly bigger. EOS-6D - 26.7 oz. 

I have been a wildlife photographer using Canon equipment for 25 years. The EOS-5D's superior AF system, faster burst rate and dual card slots made the difference for me. I have picked the EOS-5D Mk III as the best value in full frame camera, two years in a row. 

For those on a tight budget and like to get into full frame technology, the EOS-6D can be a great start but I will look into a good used or refurbished  EOS-5D Mk III first before buying a new EOS-6D. I own the EOS-1D X and find Canon equipment hold their value quite well, especially in the professional grade gear. Generally, one will get back a higher percentage of the original price paid with more expensive equipment. You can see my works on

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