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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

US National Parks Panorama Photos Through 80 Years

The U.S. National Park Services and Gigapan embarked on a photography project to take the viewers through a span of about eight decades, comparing some of America’s best-known landscapes and showing their changes through the years.

Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks photos from the 1930 to late 2000s were used, then overlaid on current images to highlight the changes over about 80 years. The old photos were originally taken to create maps for fire lookout points inside the National Parks. The project grew in size and Lester Moe was the photographer who made most of the old panorama images.

The Park Service strived to take the modern day photos using the same or very similar locations but some of the original lookout towers are no longer in existence. Visit the Park Service website for more info.

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