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Friday, February 28, 2014

Canon EOS-M2 Coming To The U.S. and Europe?

Canon EOS-M2 and EOS-M cameras side by side

Canon announced the EOS-M2 in China and Japan on December 3, 2013. In my earlier post in January, I expected Canon to import the EOS-M2 into North America and Europe some time in the future. The challenge is inventory of the current EOS-M model has already built up and until Canon draws down the current stock, they will be reluctant to bring more cameras in. Now Canon Japan executive, Mr. Go Tokura, in a recent interview, reiterated the company's eventual plans to introduce the EOS-M2 outside of Asia and add additional lenses to the lineup. Currently, there are only 2 lenses available in the U.S. for the EOS-M camera. For those who want to buy the EOS-M2 now, check out my earlier post on where to get one.

The current EOS-M received a Firmware upgrade in June, 2013. It offered a big improvement in the AF speed. The video below demonstrates the difference.


Unknown said...

The EOS-M had a slow start outside Asia. The firmware upgrade last year and aggressive sales helped to move some of the cameras off the shelves. Towards the last half of 2014, I would think the inventory level would have worked its way down. Maybe then Canon will consider launching the EOS-M2 here.

Michael Daniel Ho said...

I tend to agree with you, Jim. Canon is a business and will sell any camera, anywhere, provided there is a demand for it. It takes a while for perception to change. Mirrorless camera sales are much lower than DSLRs. Canon got in the mirrorless game late but they will climb out of it eventually. Just a matter of how much effort Canon wants to put in it.