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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Canon DSLR Announcement In March?

Nikon will be announcing their top-of-the-line D4s camera next week. Rumors are running rampant Canon may bring out a high end DSLR in March to counter the challenge.  Personally, I doubt this will happen so soon. The current champion, the Canon EOS-1D X has been out for about two years and received a Firmware upgrade last month in anticipation of the upcoming Nikon D4s. I have just returned from a whale photo shoot in Maui and have put the camera through a vigorous test with the new software and found it to be even better. You can see my works on

In my earlier posts, I have mentioned 2014 will be the year for Canon to come out of its doldrums. They are expected to announce a few DSLRs and EF lenses. Canon already announced a low end, Rebel T5 camera last week, the much anticipated EOS-7D Mk II has been spotted around the Olympic Games and should be announced before the middle of the year. A high end camera is expected from Canon this year, either in the form of a less expensive EOS-1D C or a 'production' announcement leading up to a super mega pixel camera, but the time frame most probably will not be in March. Keep checking back for the latest development and news.

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