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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wildlife Photography - Humpback Whales in Maui, Day 5

Humpback whale - The Ultimate Flying Machine

The submariners of the U.S. Navy are conducting their whale watching routine
I came across two U.S. Navy attack submarines in the waters off Maui. The ships are there apparently to conduct naval exercise. I hope the subs are not using their sonars since it may affect the whales' communication. They have excellent hearing hearing.

Came across a few comp pods but there are no heated battles between the whales. Mostly bumping and racing each other. However, there are quite a few whales breaching. It is very difficult to take a good photo of breaching whales. The waters are vast and they can fly out anytime, anywhere. It is mostly luck and skill when one gets a good shot. Visit my website to see more photos of breaching whales from my previous trips. 

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Unknown said...

Your whale photography is simply amazing, especially the ones on your website. Great work.