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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Canon Cinema EOS C50 Video Camera

Canon C100 Cinema camera

The NAB Show is not scheduled to open until April 6, 2013 and already there are plenty of 'leaks and rumors' coming. Yesterday, I reported Canon may be coming out with a new cinema camera and lenses to fill the gap between the C100 and C300 cameras. Now there is talk of even another cinema camera below the C100, perhaps a C50.

Currently, the C100 lists for $6,499 and the C300 has a suggested price of $15,999 so there is plenty of room to fit another camera in there. But in order to price a camera below the C100, Canon will have to compromise and take away features and functions to achieve a lower price point. They did that with the full frame EOS-6D camera, which is essentially the little brother of the EOS-5D Mk III. In my opinion, Canon gave the camera 'gimmickry' stuff like GPS and WiFi and reduced AF points and ISO performance. Although the EOS-6D is a fine camera for those who want to get into full frame photography coming from the APS-C world, I am not a big fan of the compromise.

I am not a video person and rarely use the video functions on my cameras but if I were to get into video down the road, my ideal body will be the EOS-1D C, the camera that can perform like the EOS-1D X in still photography and deliver 4K video clips as well.

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